What is Review Gating

So what exactly is Review Gating and why should you really understand it before attempting it. A quick read on why Review Gating is not a bad thing if dome correctly and what the number one reason is for doing it.

Review gating is when you’re screening or “gating” customer reviews before they’re posted to your website or other review sites online. This involves soliciting positive reviews over negative reviews to boost your review rating and Google has a policy against that.

Basically that means that you shouldn’t be asking your best customers for positive reviews and we partially disagree with that. When a negative review comes in then those reviews are filtered to someone where they attempt to work with that customer and try to change that negative review into a positive review. Google’s policy has stated the following: “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.” This is a bit vague.

Why should I filter negative reviews?

Google doesn’t want you asking for positive reviews and filtering negative reviews for further action. They claim that this is unbiased and again this is where we disagree with this policy. A lot of people are very quick to judge and often times with a negative review they’re mad when they fill out a review form and in some cases they are wrong. Not to mention the fake slanderous reviews being posted by competitors. Why would you want that review to be posted without further action? At iDateMedia we feel that every negative review deserves the chance to understand it, explain it and possibly make it right. Maybe the customer misread something or didn’t order the right product and that could turn into an unwarranted negative review so merchants deserve to make it right and in so many cases there are competitors who are posting fake slanderous reviews designed to destroy the business. And with 90% of consumers believing the reviews they ready why would a merchant want a fake negative review to be posted about them without the chance to weed out that fake review? In most cases the fake slanderous reviewer won’t be coming back to reply for fear of being caught.

So we basically disagree with this policy from Google but do keep this in mind, that it only pertains to reviews being posted on Google. The iDateMedia policy is that due to unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees or someone with an ax to grind, we will allow merchants to respond to negative reviews before being posted.

What else can I do to help my reputation?

When reviews come in you want to respond to them as quickly as possible. Even if the review is a real negative review, you will want to respond quickly. You should always be looking at ways to improve your product or service because if a customer is legitimately complaining about something then you need to fix it. Be proactive and look for things that would drive a customer to leave a negative review and fix it.

In Closing

The number one reason to filter negative reviews is because of fake slanderous negative reviews being posted by competitors. This can destroy a reputation quicker than anything else. Companies like TrustPilot, PissedConsumer and others all allow anyone to leave a review and this has and continues to open the door to fake slanderous reviews that destroy reputable businesses and here at iDateMedia, we allow the process of filtering negative reviews for that simple reason.